Them black rubber rings what's all the fuss about?

One of the most important things about vehicle safety is the connection between the tyre and the road without it you have no control of your vehicle!

"It's difficult, if not impossible, to tell if one tyre tread works better than another simply by looking at them. To put it simply, the only things connecting you with the road are your tyres. So as you can imagine, they're extremely important in providing high levels of grip, stopping ability, performance and safety. Especially in unfavourable weather conditions." Taken from Michelin's blog

How do I know how good my tyres are or if they need replacing?

The Legal limit is 1.6mm over the central three quarters of width all the way round the tyre (highlighted in blue) and visible tread on the rest of the tyre.


In the tread all tyres will have wear marks (above highlighted in red) they are set to 2mm when the tread is level with these they need replacing.

If you can't see the tread or worse you can see wire as below it is a serious threat to your safety get them replaced NOW!


Just a Rubber ring right?

There is much more to a tyre than a rubber ring see the picture on Michelin's website for a great explanation on what goes into a tyre.

What's the difference branded or budget?


As with many things you can get what you pay for the difference in cost can be down to the materials used in manufacture, the country it is made in and how up to date the manufacturer's designs are. AW Autotek would recommend a recognised brand over budget & budget over part worn. But which brand? Michelin for long lasting, for handling Bridgestone, for mid range lasting, and price Avon or Goodyear. Tyres also effect fuel economy as with all things these days from new they come with an energy efficiency rating so you can compare fuel / cost savings. As pictured right though these will be removed when fitted.

New or Part worn?

Do Part worn tyres really save money? Sadly there is no exact answer to this question as it will depend on the quality of the tyre & the remaining tread at the time.

As with new tyres there can be a choice between "Branded or Budget" generally better brands last longer than budgets whether new or 2nd hand. A new tyre on 8mm will last much longer than a part worn on 3 - 4 mm.

Are part worn tyres legal? Yes though they have to meet a certain standard and any part worn tyre sold must be stamped "Part Worn"

For more information on the law regarding part worn tyres check the Trading Standards website.