Speaking at Myton School

Just a little different to repairing cars, I was recently asked to go and speak to 250 - 300 school kids aged 14 & 15! at Myton School as part of Global Entrepreneur's Week.  

I decided that as they were probably expecting an older gent in a suit walking on and this is not me in any way! I thought I would use a different approach to get their attention.  I shared some of the things that have helped me develop as a business owner and some things that will help them be successful with anything they set out to achieve.  

Some of the Entrepreneur's that have influenced me and some of the content of my talk are Richard Branson Tony Robbins and Bruce Dickinson 

One of the students kindly recorded this video for me, apart from the lights being turned off a few minutes in then back on again it turned out well for amateur  filming! it is now published on AW Autotek's Youtube channel.