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Speaking at Myton School

(12th Dec 2013)

Andrea test

Testimonial from Andrea

(4th Dec 2013)

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Fire Walking For The Shakespeare Hospice

(25th Oct 2013)

Picasso Air Filter

Service vs MOT what is the difference?

Two Questions we hear a lot are :- When car goes in the garage it looks the same when it comes out, what is done on a service?? Servicing I get my car MOT tested every year, is that not enough??

(18th Jun 2013)


Them black rubber rings what's all the fuss about?

One of the most important things about vehicle safety is the connection between the tyre and the road without it you have no control of your vehicle!

(3rd Apr 2013)


Brake Discs to Replace or Not to Replace?

Why would you be told to replace discs as well as pads? While there are some who would say it is only for the garage to make more money here are seven other reasons that you may be told or advised to replace them!

(1st Mar 2013)